Tickle Me Tickler
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Lucky Love Dice
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Good Vibrations Bullet
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Silky Sensual Handcuffs
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What is The Pleasure Box

The Pleasure Box is your invitation to freedom, to intimate moments and endless pleasures. If you’re in the mood to play, that is… And if not, the Pleasure Box has everything you’ll need to create unforgettable moments of joy. From the moment you slide open the box, you’ll be perfectly equipped to take your partner to the brink of ecstasy and back again!

There are seven toys of the highest quality to play around with, and each accessory inside the Pleasure Box is made to meet the standards of the most demanding lover. Begin with the Tickle Me Tickler, a 5 cm long brush made with the finest and most sensual feathers that will ensure titillation. And as you demand more from your lover, the Pleasure Box delivers in spades.

Get nice and cosy with the Silky Sensual Handcuffs. Why bother tying up your partner when you can have them exactly where you want, namely tied to the bedpost, begging you for more.

With your partner at your mercy, let the Good Vibrations Bullet take over. Simply rip open the packet (we recommend using your teeth for added effect), turn on the Bullet and let your imagination run wild.

The Pleasure Box lets you have as much naughty fun as you like, with the added benefit of safe sex. Durex Condoms come standard, and work beautifully with our Lube Essentials kit, which comes in five delectable flavours.

Upgrade your Pleasure Box with two special additions we’ve exclusively added to enhance your desires. Both the Kissable Nip Gloss and Lucky Love Dice will add boundless fun to those special moments.

Slide the lid open and let the Pleasure Box create those wild, mind-blowing experiences you’ve dreamed of.